Thursday, October 2, 2014

This week in Rạch Giá.

It's been a busy week, one filled with observations, presentations, and of course teaching. It's been interesting to be able to sit and watch both the differences and similarities in language teaching and I will definitely write about my observations. For now I just want to list a few things I've learned/ observed during my time here:
1. Sidewalks are not meant for walking, sidewalks are for parking your motorbike. 
I've been out for a few walks on my own and my instinct to walk on sidewalks was quickly changed because they are few and far between but the ones that are there are usually crowded with parked motorbikes. 
2. Never, never, never apply Deet immediately after shaving. It hurts. Trust me.
3. Speaking of Deet, there needs to be an addition to Murphy's Law that says the day you forget to apply Deet is the day you will be bitten by three Mosquitos. 
4. Speaking of Mosquitos, sleeping under a mosquito net is an experience all should have. It has taught me to be thorough in completing tasks because once I'm under the net it's too much trouble to crawl out and back in again. Forgot to turn off the light? Tough, I'm not leaving the net.
5. To quote Maimun Khan: "There is nothing else on the planet like fresh green coconut water" 
6. Except maybe ground up sugarcane juice. I can't decide which is better. 
7. Vietnamese coffee. Enough said. 
8. I need more junk in my trunk. 
Last weekend I was taken to the countryside again, this time to a place called Hòn Đẩt (I'll share my experiences there in another post). The trip took about 2 hrs (once again via motorbike) over less-than-ideal roads. At the end of the day I was very sore, I'm certain had I had more padding "back there" it would have been more comfortable. 

Me at Hòn Đẩt

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